About Us

For over 59 years, the name of Kuwait Dairy Company has become synonymous with high-quality fresh dairy products, manufactured from fresh milk produced daily from Kuwait farms. Since its inception in 1960, through the Kuwaiti farmers’ initiative, Kuwait Dairy Company aims to create a sophisticated production and distribution process that primarily serves food security in Kuwait, and achieves a qualitative leap in national potential. Kuwait Dairy Company successfully assumed this responsibility and developed to be one of the largest and most deeply established industrial companies operating in the dairy field, both locally and GCC level.

Kuwait Dairy Company runs a variety of production lines on an area of 22 thousand square meters, with a production capacity of 350 tons daily, seeking to develop its capacity up to 550 tons per day over the coming years. A sophisticated research team that works on quality control and research to ensure that the product meets all the health standards globally, works on this massive production capacity, and continuously develop business on the other hand. All these steps are done through specialized and internationally accredited laboratories established by Kuwait Dairy Company specifically for this purpose.

It is worth mentioning that Kuwait Dairy Company, is currently completing the new extension building construction work, on an area of 70 thousand square meters that will represent a new qualitative leap for the company’s production and supply capacity.


Kuwait Dairy Company is striving to become one of the largest dairy companies in the Gulf and to produce an integrated basket of products with international quality standards and competitive prices.


Kuwait Dairy Company looks to become one of Kuwait’s food security essential pillars, and an important axis of national development, offering a high-quality Kuwaiti product of fresh milk produced and manufactured in Kuwait and pursuant to the highest international standards.