About Us

For over 59 years, the name of Kuwait Dairy Company has become synonymous with high-quality fresh dairy products, manufactured from fresh milk produced daily from Kuwait farms. Since its inception in 1960, through Kuwaiti farmers’ initiative,Kuwait Dairy Company aims to create a sophisticated production and distribution process that primarily serves food security in Kuwait, and achieves a qualitative leap in national potential. Kuwait Dairy Company successfully assumed this responsibility, and developed to be one of the largest and most deeply established industrial companies operating in the dairy field, both on locally and GCC level.

Kuwait Dairy Company runs a variety of production lines on an area of 22 thousand square meters, with a production capacity of 350 tons daily, seeking to develop its capacity up to 550 tons per day over the coming years. A sophisticated research team that works on quality control and research to ensure that the product meets all the health standards globally, works on this massive production capacity, and continuously develop business on the other hand. All these steps are done through specialized and internationally accredited laboratory established by Kuwait Dairy Company specifically for this purpose 

It is worth mentioning that Kuwait Dairy Company, is currently completing the new extension building construction work, on an area of 70 thousand square meters that will represent a new qualitative leap for the company’s production and supply capacity.


Kuwait Dairy Company is striving to be come one of the largest dairy companies in Gulf, and to produce an integrated basket of products with international quality standards and a competitive prices.


Kuwait Dairy Company looks to become one of the Kuwait’s food security essential pillars, and an important axis of national development, offering a high quality Kuwaiti product of fresh milk produced and manufactured in Kuwait and pursuant to the highest international standards.

The Kuwait Dairy Company has over 50 high standard specialized cattle breeding farms, which collectively produce 93.5% of the total fresh milk produced under the umbrella of the Union of Fresh Dairy Producers in Kuwait. These farms follow the latest scientific innovations in the field of cattle breeding. They include a selected breed of highly productive cows imported from Europe. Each cow has its own file reflecting the purity of its breed, quality of milk, and the type of vaccinations received. Farm owners, through the help of specialists, complete such files and documents, all the transactions that take place on each cow throughout its lifetime. They further initiate their own files of the born cows in their farms.

The annual updates performed by these farms have a great impact on maintaining continuous vitality and the herd strength. The Animal Production Department of the General Authority livestock sector for Agriculture Affairs and Fisheries, provide valuable information and training courses in addition to the periodic follow-up of the
farms, which contributed to achieving the dream of producing large quantities of high-quality raw milk in Kuwait.


Kuwait Dairy Company, implements more than 5 international quality systems intended and covered to ensure all of the company’s work elements, so that the essence of the company is in line with its mission. The company applies such standards internally, and on the farms supplying the raw milk, committing them, by virtue of good relationships, applying the quality mechanisms required to ensure high-quality raw milk. The company has set several criteria for raw milk before receiving it. Such accurate description of high-quality raw milk is mandatory by the company itself and is obligatory to milk supplying farms.

Based on the above international quality system, the company takes raw milk samples from the farm to the laboratory for checking and approving before delivering it to its factory. It is sufficient to say that this laboratory is ISO 17025 certified and approved by (ILAC) standards which are applicable in 70 countries around the world.

The tightly designed company quality and control mechanisms to serve operations and production level are in harmony with production steps, where both mechanisms and production steps, collaborates and helps in achieving the set goals.

Kuwait Dairy Company is keen in applying the highest qualitystandards. The company adhere not to only one internationalstandard, furthermore committed itself to more than 5international quality management systems.These systems are:

1-Food Safety Management ISO 22000
ISO 22000 is a standard developed by The International Standards Organization, which defines the food safety management system requirements. It covers all activities of all food chain and farm-to-table related enterprises through preprograms,hazard analysis plans, and critical control points.

2-ISO 9001 Quality Management
Kuwait Dairy Company adopted the ISO 9001 system as the most comprehensive administrative standards series applied to companies. Quality management systems defines the most appropriate and accurate methods when different transactions require an explanation of the company’s ability to design, manufacture, and product service. ISO 9001 also handles various aspects, including error investigation, and correction during the production and distribution process, in addition to staff training with focus on documentation and data control processes.

3-Environmental Management System ISO 14001
The ISO 14001 is primarily intends to help companies reducing their environment impact by improving their performance and environmental
standards. This standard aims in environment preserving, furthermore enables companies and organizations in gaining the economic benefits, including matching company systems with applicable laws, and minimizing the risks and legal obstacles in this regard. On the other hand, it helps in improving the organization efficiency of its resources management, which relatively reduces operating costs. This standard allows the product’s promotion in multiple locations around the world. It is an indicator for the product quality in several places worldwide, which grants companies a competitive advantage. Kuwait Dairy Company is keen in implementing the ISO 14001 requirements where it matches the company’s vision and orientation.

4-Laboratory Management Systems ISO 17025
Through its journey and orientation in adopting international quality systems, Kuwait Dairy Company has established its own internal lab at the highest standards. Therefore it included its laboratories under one of the most important specialized international standards; ISO 17025, that reflects the company’s
laboratory capabilities, not only to carry out its internal tasks, furthermore to other companies as an international laboratory accredited by the International Organization for Laboratory Accreditation (ILAC) standards that are applicable in over 70 countries worldwide. The company’s laboratory casted its own touch, set its standards and philosophy of deep understanding of quality concept and real commitment in building this kind of standards, summarized in three main principles; accuracy, modernity, and credibility.

5-Kuwait Quality Marks
It is the official quality mark of Kuwaiti industrial establishments registered under the Public Authority for Industry – Depart of Standards and Metrology – that is in accordance with Standardization Law No. 128/1977


Kuwait Dairy Company relies on a modern fleet of vehicles equipped, to deal with a product in this importance and sensitivity, to ensure that the product reaches the consumer in a safe and healthy manner. Kuwait Dairy Company acquires 93.5% of the fresh milk produced by the Union of Kuwait Dairy Producers. The company market share is about 50% of fresh milk offered and sold in Kuwait, despite the fierce competition by other Gulf and international companies

Kuwait Dairy Company adopts a transparent policy in dealing with its customers as their strategic partner. This reveals in the company’s behavior in the market in terms of speed in covering the market needs accompanied by a distinguished level of cooperation and effective price flexibility. This effective and direct behavior established a long-term cooperation between Kuwait Dairy Company and the most reliable and credible institutions in the country. The company supplies fresh milk and its products to all Kuwait government, private hospitals, and a number of different ministries. This reflects the credibility and confidence in the company products, and the long partnership with the supply sector in the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. Kuwait relies in its strategic stocks of fresh milk on the company’s stock, which proved to be reliable more than once at time difficulties, and the country experienced throughout the company’s history in line with the company’s main goal in being a strategic partner in the country’s food support. This has been for sincere of development efforts over
years since the establishment of Kuwait Dairy Company and through successive leaderships that enjoyed this sense and awareness. Logistics

Since establishment, the company has built a strong logistic support system, based on a real understanding of the company’s needs and nature, and in line with the business mechanisms in Kuwait. This support is not only limited to creative cooperation between the company and the suppliers, but also ensures the effectiveness and flexibility for continuous self-development of flawless logistics support through several systems, including:

An accurate system set by the company for warehouse management, raw materials handling on one hand, and produced materials on the other

. The internal transport and external distribution network, which achieves effective performance inside and outside the company in terms of linking the internal departments to each other, and linking the company to its externals inaccordance with the company’s plan for deployment and distribution.
Information systems: The company adopts the latest software in the field of manufacturing, which correspond to the requirements and work needs, as well as software supporting other sectors to ensure control, quality and effectiveness.

Since the inception of Kuwait Dairy Company, the general trend was to provide a product with international specifications and competitive advantage to the local market, to become a Kuwaiti food security supporter. The company distributes its products in all of Kuwait outlets to cover all geographic regions through comprehensive distribution. The company products are available in all Cooperative Societies branches, famous shopping centers, super markets, and stores. The local sales network of Kuwait Dairy Company is not limited to these
channels only, but extends to supplying the needs of a number of ministries in the country, as mentioned above. It also supplies a large number of notable food companies, restaurant chains and cafes in the country, due to the company’s privileged of sales and after-sales service, its sophisticated and strong relationship with customers.

Later, with the company production development, as well as its accumulated experience in the dairy products field, the openness to the external markets, particularly the regional ones, it became appropriate and natural in exporting. The company succeeded in exporting to several countries in the Gulf and regionally, although all previous export operations were in providing supplies to a particular project, according to specific orders. However, the company has
confirmed its ability in supplying continuously to a number of markets, and currently working on being permanently present through a number of approved agents. The company is currently studying its options in this concern, especially since its production capacities were confirmed and its production lines ideally optimized.

Kuwait Dairy Company owns a number of sophisticated production lines specialized in processing fresh milk products that include:

1-Fresh dairy production lines
•Fresh milk (Full cream, low fat and skimmed) of various sizes
•Fresh laban (Full cream and low fat) of various sizes
•Yoghurt (Full cream, low fat and skimmed) of various sizes
•Laban and yoghurt with yeast
•Laban Drink of various sizes
•Fresh Laban of various sizes
•Laban Butter of various sizes
•Fresh cream
•Sour cream
•labneh (Full cream and low fat) of various sizes
•Low fat cheese (of various sizes)
•Natural Ghee (of various sizes)
•Adani Ghee (of various sizes)
•Nabulsi cheese

2. Long-life milk production lines
Long-life milk (Full cream, low fat and skimmed) of various sizes
•Long-life flavored milk (Chocolate – strawberry – banana)
of various sizes
•Thick cream of various sizes




3. Ice cream products
Over 50 types and sizes of ice cream products produced
from natural milk.

4. Juices Production lines
• Nectar
(Orange – Mango – Cocktail – Guava) manufactured according to the highest international standards, taking in consideration the latest health requirements.

• Juice drink
(Orange, mango, cocktail, guava, and pomegranate) manufactured according to the highest international standards, taking in consideration the latest health requirements





Due to its deep relationship with the Kuwaiti society, Kuwait Dairy Company plays an important social role based on its awareness of the importance of this role. The company social responsibilities include the following trends: 

• The research trend: The Company cooperates with public and private research institutions in food security studies, and the production process development. The company contributes in these studies with verified information, and is open for experimentation, humanitarian and scientific support.
• The awareness trend: The Company organizes many health guiding and experimental events in schools and universities to raise awareness.
• Sports activities: In this field, the company supports many sports activities and contributes there to either via its sports teams, or via providing financial and technical support for such events.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Through its long journey, the company established a number of strategic partnerships with major international companies in the field of providing support services to the dairy industry. These partnerships played a prominent role in the company’s rise and development, maintaining its quality of performance and competitiveness in the market. We thank our success partners for such a strong strategic relationship: